Long time no see! +Piggy Dolls

Hello there everyone! Man has it been like over 10,000 years since we last post a rant on our blog? I think so. Well as you can see, we've decided to come back since we really miss venting our rants here. Seriously, we tired livejournal and other sites, totally did not fit our taste but... Continue Reading →

New fan page!!

Hey there everyone, for whom may concern. Abbie and I started a new fanpage because we are currently not active on wordpress that much because of busy schedules. :/ I personally think our new site is much way better than here. Our senior sites such as yassie.wordpress.com and sookyeong.wordpress.com are any longer inactive. I guess... Continue Reading →

Looking for a new desktop?

Hello everyone~ You know how hard it is to find desktops of your favorite people/things, well look no further because recently I made a blogsite just for that! Leave your requests on my formspring, and check out latest desktops, twitter layouts, and wallpapers for your ipod touches. ^^ I will be happy to make you... Continue Reading →

Are you all real?

Hey everyone today Yonghwa will greet you for this post ^^, recently KB and I made a fanpage on facebook just because we wanted to see if we had real people actually viewing our site! And if you ARE real, and you like this site can you please "like" us on facebook? because.... we receive... Continue Reading →

MC Mong – Sick Enough to Die

This song... is a masterpiece I could've sworn I've listened to this about 500 times already! I absolutely LOVEE this type of music. Though MC Mong is a bit... questionable through the shows he appears on. His music definitely makes up for it!! Enjoy! Download: 4shared


Everyone, mianhe~ I've been so busy lately! I'm one of the administrators for a fanpage on facebook, and I haven't been able to update on this blog lately! Don't think I forgot about you guys, cause I haven't! I will find someway to make it up to you all I promise! But for now I'm... Continue Reading →


Hey guys! If we aren't on to update, that's because we are watching dramas before school starts. (T.T) School starts in two weeks for us so we are rushing on finishing our dramas we put on our list. haha So we'll be back after watching our drama and giving u reviews okies! JA NE! :D... Continue Reading →

B2ST reveals BBQ Chicken photo

When I was viewing these pictures, I thought these were the most adorable pictures I have ever seen! The CF is really dorky and I LOVE IT! Cute boys with chicken cf's are AMAZING! 😀 Not only B2ST, there is U-KISS and SHINee! 😉 To check out the pics CLICK [HERE] The boys of BEAST... Continue Reading →

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