Ruen Pae (The Houseboat)

In “Reuan Pae (The Houseboat)”, nang’ek Pen has to chose between 3 close friends who are renting her father’s houseboat. The guys are: 1. Kaew, the unruly boxer; 2. Chen, the honest police officer; 3. Rin, the mellow aspiring singer She likes Kaew, but Kaew is not up to her father’s standards, he’s an uneducated […]

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Sapai Jao Sua Episodes 3 & 4

Well, as I promised as of earlier today, here are episodes 3 AND 4 of Sapai Jao Sua, and let me ask you guys. Do you prefer watching it on this site? Or youtube? hmm, maybe youtube is better, because of less commotion, but then you have the comments as spoilers. But then again, it […]

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Sapai Jao Sua Episode 2

Hey guys! I would have posted this yesterday, but the videos were really scattered, and didn’t upload all at once. So instead. I’m going to share these with you today! And episode 3 I will be sharing with you tomorrow! ^^ I hope you don’t mind. hahaha, well here you go. Episode 2 Part 1/9 […]

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Lakorn Update : Sapai Jao Sua

Title: สะใภ้เจ้าสัว Sapai Jaosua (Chinese Tycoon’s Daughter-in-Law) Production Company: TV Scene and Picture Co,Ltd. Broadcasting Channel: Channel 3 On Air: Start June 3, 2010 Time Slot: Monday-Friday 6.45 p.m. Total Episodes: Status: Ready to air Official Page in Ch3 Website: Watch Online: Writer: Wattra Script Writer: Patt Director: Sittiwat Tappaen Cast: Kiatkamol Lata (Tui) as […]

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Lakorns for the Soul

Hey fellow Lakorn lover’s out there! Are you looking for a new Lakorn? But don’t know where to look? Well, look no further! Cause Kaybabie is the place to be! XD Okay, now that I’m done with that cheesy opening… lol. I know that it really is hard to find new Lakorns especially if you […]

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