Love Me, Show Me, Tell me ;D

Hey there everyone! Kay-Bee here! Today I’d like to share with you is School Kakumei episode 64 song which is written by Yamachan! πŸ˜‰ Omg this song is soo sexy! Yamachan just stole my heart once again! ❀  haha Even though youtube deleted the people who upload the episodes (-_-) at least we got to […]

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HSJ’s New Album CM!

If you all have been following up on the Jpop news, you all know that Hey! Say! JUMP! is releasing a new album this summer! YAYYY! ^^ Finally after they have been in active forΒ  the past year…. well, if that exciting news hasn’t got you to wanting to buy their new album, may this […]

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Hey! Say! Jump!’s Time Capusle

Here are articles from Hey! Say! JUMP!’s interviews translated! About what they would keep in their time capsule’s.Β  If it were me I don’t really know what I would put in there. Probably some of my old yearbooks, and a couple notes from back in the elementary school days when texting wasn’t invented yet. XD […]

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