Hello everyone! To our old followers It’s been quite a long time hasn’t it? To our new people welcome to KAYBABIE! 😀 The reason why we have not been blogging because our life has changed a lot as we got older. Anyways, for those who are new to kaybabie, we are two BFBAF girls who have been friends for such a long time. Our username is a mix combination of our names. Very creative right? Our old blog use to be about us spending time watching Anime, K-pop, and Asian Dramas. Now that we are busy young adults we decided to change the blog into something inspirational. This blog will be about our journey to be fit. Why? Because we want to gain our self-esteem back and become healthy and happy with ourselves. It may be a rough and long journey but we will definitely not give up! Now to introduce ourselves!


KakaoTalk_20170620_223705366 Wassup? The name is Kay-Bee and I’m like a killa bee! 😛 I’m 24 years-old and my weight is in the 190s so I’m hoping to make some progress with my journey to reach my goal in becoming fit an healthy. My problem is eating out way too much and snacking on unhealthy chips. I’m a tennis player and I love to dance to K-pop dance covers for. I have not been doing that in years so I need to get back in the game and do the things I love again.

—–Kay-Bee ;D






Aloha, my loves! I am a 22 year old happily married university student studying English Literature. I’m an unapologetic dog mom and lover of salt and vinegar chips.

I am on a constant and never ending journey with trying to be the best “me” I can be. I hope that you can join KB and I on our journey to becoming stronger, happier and healthier people. And maybe we can inspire you to join us on our journey!



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