Wrapping up the past us and onward to the new us!

Hello everyone! Kaybabie is consisted of two teenage fangirls who love everything about our culture, and blogging. We are always surfing the web looking for the latest updates on our favorite singers, dramas, and music. But it can be a hassle sometimes! So we decided, what if we weren’t the only ones with this problem? So we surf the web and now we blog about them! To share our mind with the rest of the world around us. We are sorry to offend anyone, we don’t mean to (if we do at all) but it’s just a blog, not a news site or anything. But do check in with us from time to time… if you like our blog feel free to leave a comment! We would love to know your opinions too! & we will answer your questions to the best of our ability. So if you want us to find a certain drama , anime , song you name it. We will do our best to find it for you! Also stay tuned for the latest music in the pop culture of Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand!


We do provide download links on kaybabie, usually if a video of a song is posted we provide the download link for it. It’s a bit obscene so you may have to look for it a little. But it is there! You don’t have to worry about a virus attacking your computer because we do use safe hosting sites for the downloads, such as Mediafire , 4shared , & Jenpoo. So, no worries!! ^^


We do provide the links for you to watch dramas online. It is such a pain in the butt to watch on youtube though, in our personal opinion so we try to find you dramas that aren’t on youtube if you don’t mind. Mostly because of all the copyright claim, bad quality and so many parts to the drama. Usually we use the dramas from Veoh , mysoju , & dailymotion. Youtube is an extreme last resort. But it’s better than nothing right? Also we do understand that you may need english subs for the dramas again, no need to worry about that. English subs are not hard to find, but it is more difficult for the Thai dramas. So please understand, we do everything to the best of our capability. Again, these are all safe sites, so your computer will not get attacked by visiting them. (trust us, we know how it feel when your computer becomes attacked… :/)


We have split into two different teams, since there is two of us, and so much to cover. This is what we blog on, and it’s not assigned, we just love it more. ^^ and it’s easier for us to blog what we blog, so this is just for you to know who is who. ^^

KAY-BEE : Anime Updates, Japanese Updates, Drama Updates/reviews.

Abbie: Korean Updates, Thai Updates, Chinese Updates, Drama Updates/reviews.

Please, do spread the word of our blog. It will give us much motivation to keep doing it, knowing that people love our writings. ^^ Thankyou all! And let’s all have our dreams come true one step at a time. (:

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The Story of How we Met :

Kristina and Abbie have been friends since the very little of ages.They would play “ring around the rosy” together. And always thought that Abbie’s cousin, Davin was the most annoying kid. But now the three of them are all buddies, and reunited! Why do I say reunited? Well because when Abbie was about the age of 3 or 4. She moved away and she didn’t see KB or Davin very often. Because she lived four long hours away. Then, 10 years later. Her cousin Davin finds her on msn, and myspace. And they start to reunite, talking about kpop music. Because she was very new at it at the time. While that was going  on, he was talking to another friend, this friend being Kristina. He introduced them. It was quiet and new at first. But as the two got to know each other. They got crazier. They soon realized that, they have known each other since they were little! And this brought them even closer! Now, they talk to each other everyday, and call each other at lease once a day. And soon they will be college roomies. Oh boy, I’m not even sure if the world is ready for what these two have in store. So you see, it truly is a Happy Ending, to a Happy story! And because the two friends have so much in common, and the same dreams. There is that feeling that they just might be friends for… about another 5 minutes. hahaha, just kidding. But really, they are probably going to be old grannies together going to the hospital for their yearly visit.


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