Ruen Pae (The Houseboat)

In “Reuan Pae (The Houseboat)”, nang’ek Pen has to chose between 3 close friends who are renting her father’s houseboat. The guys are:

1. Kaew, the unruly boxer; 2. Chen, the honest police officer; 3. Rin, the mellow aspiring singer

She likes Kaew, but Kaew is not up to her father’s standards, he’s an uneducated boxer with no future. Chen seems more promising than both Kaew and Rin, he’s educated and will be a police officer with a stable income. Her father would only allow Chen to pursue and date her. Because they love Chen, Kaew and Rin make way for him to pursue the woman they both love. No hard feelings. They can’t get the girl, they direct their efforts to other things such as pursuing their dreams. Kaew applies to enter a boxing camp, Rin finds a job at a radio station.

Just as things are going well, Chen has to leave for the police academy as part of his training to be a lieutenant . He tells Kaew to take good care of his girl Pen when he is away. Kaew agrees but one stormy, thundering night, something happened between Kaew and Pen that will change the course of Kaew and Chen’s relationship and everyone around them. They had an affair. He comes back from training and he finds his best friend with his girlfriend–worst friend betrayal ever.

So anyways I’ll start with my rant! 🙂

So I’ve been spending my two months of summer watching this lakorn with my mom on our Thai satellite. At first I wasn’t going to watch it because I did not like the heroine in this. Why? Her smile, laugh, and crying does not look attractive at all….the moment I saw her in the teaser….she looked annoying to me. Like seriously I wouldn’t watch it but I had to cuz my hot looking guy, Tono Pakin Kumwilaisuk is in it so I had to. (^~^)” I am a judgmental person so I apologize for that. Seriously I want my guys to be paired up with a beautiful girl not with some annoying dumbass chick who can’t do shit and looks fucken ugly while acting. What’s even worse, this bitch is paired up with Tono!! UGHHH I felt like shooting myself when I saw them kiss…….soo annoying!! I would love this drama more if they use Punwarot Duaysienklao who is Tono’s girlfriend I believe. Since I’ve seen them in tv pool together many times and they starred in my favorite lakorn, “Karm Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk“. Anyways, the guys in Ruen Pae are hot….no lie. But that’s my opinion. LOL Also there is something I want to point out, the guy who played as Chen which is Son Songpaisarn, he looks like Jonghyun! Like kinda, what do you guys think? Even though Jonghyun isn’t my bias but I had to point it out.  lol O_O My mom was the one who pointed it out like this, “Hey, doesn’t he look like the guy from SHINee?” LOL Funny! Well that’s it everyone! Imma link you to the lakorn now. Unfortunately it’s not sub for those who can’t understand Thai. :/ But I think there is an English subbed one out there for you. So anyways enjoy! 🙂

Ruen Pae: [CLICK HERE]

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D


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