OHSHC episode 3

Well then just now I finished episode 3, because I didn’t get the chance to watch it last Sunday. :/ I have to say nothing surprise me at all in this live action, because I have to credit the directors who did a great job on making things looks similar in the manga and anime. It’s very impressive! Well then I guess I’ll start on the rant now! πŸ™‚

Well in this episode, Haruhi is ranked number 3 of her class and she’s wanting to take a break to study for her exam. Tamaki and the other idiots bust out their glasses and is offering her to tutor her……lol Not only that Tamaki busted his Kuma-chan too. The Kuma-chan shocked me the most cuz that teddy bear looked exactly like the Kuma-chan in the anime! haha As expected from these Japanese people. :’) Nothings cease to disappoints me. haha Anyways, Haruhi is being tutored by this one chick name Ayame, who is in the same grade as Kyouya and Tamaki. She literally hates Tamaki but I think she was in denial. She was pissed that she worked hard to get above but instead Tamaki never talks about the exams or studies….who would want to do that? O_O LOL I mean I wouldn’t………..unless it’s “Oh hey was the test hard or what’s on the test?” πŸ˜› Yea in the end Haruhi passed her exam and the host club hosted a summer party. It looked pretty fancy, ballroom dancing and whatnot. I’m soo jealous of the girls, I wish I could do that too. :/ It looked soo elegant I’m telling you! Well then when Hikaru and Kaoru announced the queen of the party and it was Ayame and the king was Haruhi. The prize for the queen is to get a kiss from the king and so freakin Kyouya twisted it up so it’s not Tamaki cuz he wanted it to make it look interesting. Haruhi thought it would be alright to give Ayame a kiss on the cheek, but instead that idiot Tamaki overreacted and tried to protect Haruhi’s first kiss. But guess in the end, it was a very total epic FAIL! LOL Haruhi’s first kiss end up being taken away by Ayame thanks to Tamaki………Oh man what to do with this dude? Β (-_-)” Well that’s it for my rant on episode 3 folks! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Episode 3 [CLICK HERE]Β 

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D


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