OHSHC episode 2

Hello everyone! Well I figured out that every episode comes out on Friday but is English subbed every Sunday. 🙂 Sorry I’m posting this late because I didn’t get a chance to cuz of my laziness is coming in. haha Anyways this drama is soo funny, I love how they do the same anime effects. The facial expressions are too price less. I got to love it. ❤ Oh man watching this brings me back to the days where I was hella obsess with it. 😛 Everything in this episode is close to the anime so there is no difference.  Now then shall I start with my rant? 😛
Alrighty, as you can see in this episode. It’s about all students getting their physical exam to see if everyone is healthy or not. Now in Haruhi’s case……it’s very unfortunate for her to take her physical exam because everyone thinks she’s a boy. If she is expose as a female, then she will no longer be in the host club forever. So the rest of the host club became alert and is trying to figure out a way to keep her identity safe. haha As you can see in the picture, Tamaki tries to turn into Haruhi by wearing that black wig but turns out that his fans knew it was him…..LOL He’s too gullible, cuz the Hitachiin twins tricked him. 😛 I have to say, I love how Haruhi gives out 3 different glares. It’s too epic! Poor Tamaki, he deserve that unfortunately for being ridiculously silly. Speaking of ridiculous, did you see all that nurses and doctors lining up to greet the young masters and mistress? (O_O) Now I totally wish I was a rich kid who goes to that school!! Soo jealous, everything is all elegant and what not man! Over here at my old high school it looks crappy and all cuz what’s there at a regular public school? haha Anyways that’s all my rant for now. So Imma link you guys! 🙂

Episode 2: [CLICK HERE]


Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D 


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