Opinion: Jay Park wants to be on WGM with Hyorin?

I know you all probably know about this already, especially fellow Jaywalkers! It seems my bias list is always messed up, just until recently Jonghyun has been my number one, strong and steady! But for some odd mysterious reason, I just love Jay so much. LOL, (in case you didn’t get that, I meant to say that Jay is my new ultimate bias… LOL) well back on topic…

Jay wants to be on WGM? I never really pictured Jay as someone who would want to be on this show. So, it’s a bit surprising. o_o Honestly, I don’t even know how I should feel about this? Should I feel happy because I get to see a side of Jay that may have never been revealed before. Or should I feel …… I don’t even know what other option I have to feel. LOL, and this Hyorin person, I don’t think I’ve heard of her until now… does this mean that she’s Jay’s ideal type? o___________o I don’t know.

Min Hyo Rin is a beautiful actress and model, and Jay Park is a rapper, bboy, artist (could you say he’s an actor.. he was in hype nation). First of all, both of them are absolutely stunning, appearance wise. I personally think they would look cute together, I guess I can’t really say much about this because I have no idea who Hyo Rin is. (Despite all the dramas I’ve seen, i’ve never come across one she was in… wait, does she star in dramas or movies? Well, regardless I’ve seen a lot of movies also) Actually, I think I kinda do wanna see them on WGM. It’d be an interesting experience to see Jay try and be a good husband! Maybe he’ll try to cook for Hyorin and burn down the kitchen? LOL…

I feel like everytime I get a new number one bias, they always want to go out and find girlfriends or something. D: It saddens me, I remember when Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung started dating, oh my goodness… I almost died. But I realized that I beat her because she may be his girlfriend, but I’m his wife… LOL. omg, crazy talk again. Well, tell me what you guys thing about this incident/news/statement/topic! haha…

– Abbie

Info Here: allkpop , Soompi


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