We’re back again!!!

Hello my yummy angel cakes!

As you can see, we’re back!! It’s been about a year since we haven’t been active! We truly, apologize! But We’re back, and we want to be better than ever! Thanks to all of your support, we’ve decided to get this blog back up and running. Looking back at it now, all we can do is laugh. LOL. We’re we really that dumb back then? LOL, my goodness we were so immature. No worries, we’re definitely going to be better! Let me sum up what you can expect to find on our blog in the future; (Note: All the things listed below are updates from Japan, China, Korea, and Thailand’s pop culture!)

  • Drama Updates/Reviews/OST
  • Anime Updates/Reviews/OST
  • Manga Updates/Reviews
  • Wallpapers (Desktop, IPod Touches) [Request by mentioning me on Twitter, if you don’t have a twitter, visit my formspring]
  • Music Video Updates/Reviews
  • Music Album Downloads/Reviews
  • Celebrity Birthdays
  • Opportunities (Trips, Concert Tickets, Meet & Greet, etc.)
  • And, whatever else we find Interesting! If you want us to add anything, let us know by leaving a comment!

Don’t forget to visit our facebook page run by KB for instant updates! We are really excited to be back and to get more involved in the cyber world! We really want to meet you all, and hear your opinions, so get talking!!! Send us your reviews, recommend us to watch stuff! We really want to be friends with you all!! Really, thank you all for your support. We wouldn’t have come back without you!! ♥

— Abbie


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