OHSHC episode 1 has finally appeared!!~

Hey there everyone! Well as you can see, Ouran High School Host Club live action has finally appeared!^^ This live action is based off of an anime that I use to watch in the past during my 8th grade year. It’s soo funny! I love it soo much that I end up re-watching it over in English Dub. haha Anyways I would like to RECOMMEND watching the ANIME first or read the MANGA, because you will not understand the story very well. I truly will tell you this, you will be laughing your butt off when you start watching it. Just imagine yourself as the main heroine in this story, you walk into a fancy rich looking school field with rich kids and suddenly couldn’t find a place to study. So instead you walk into a music room which appears to look empty. You open the door and you happen to see 6 handsome looking boys in the room. How would you react? Also would you believe the guy who runs around in the school with a black cap and a cat puppet in his hand saying that “You are cursed or will have bad omen?”. How would feel, when you broke a 8,000 yen ($89,37600) worth vase? Not only that being mistaken as a boy by turning into a host to pay off the debt?  Well as you can see, you will have to find out later in this series. It’s very enjoyable! So please tuned to watch! Also without further adieu, I shall start my rant on episode 1! *warning, remember to read at your own risk if you do not want any spoilers!* 🙂

Okay, so as you can see in episode 1 of the live action. It is basically the same as the anime, but amazing. I’m surprised they go the settings and theme appearance to look exactly like the ones in the anime. I’m very impressed by it. (^~^) As Always , the beginning starts off as a misunderstanding. What made me shocked was “Yamamoto Yusuke” acting as Suo Tamaki who is the forever idiot president of the host club. Why? Well it’s because I’ve seen Yusuke in the drama “Hana Kimi” and he played as the awesome “Aura Guy” hehe Now when I see him in OHSHC, it’s like a whole different person. I’m truly amazed once again. Most of the story in the first episode is just like the anime, the girl who is all gaga for Tamaki turns out to be a bitch and was jealous of Haruhi. (T~T)” Also, my favorite part was when everyone in the host club, became soo amazed by the instant coffee which they call it “The commoner’s coffee”. Yea……but you know, everyone has their different point of view. Once again, I feel the same as Haruhi, these people seriously know how to spend money without worrying and stuff. *sigh* Well you know, I wish one of these days I would love to be surrounded by 6 handsome rich boys. 😉 hehehe Well that’s all my rant of episode 1 for today! Also I think the episodes comes out every Sunday, but I am not sure since I barely found this today and it said it was uploaded today. Oh wells, I’m going to link you guys anyways. So enjoy!~

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Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D


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