Long time no see! +Piggy Dolls

Hello there everyone! Man has it been like over 10,000 years since we last post a rant on our blog? I think so. Well as you can see, we’ve decided to come back since we really miss venting our rants here. Seriously, we tired livejournal and other sites, totally did not fit our taste but it’s whatever. (^~^) Anyways I would like to tell you, thank your commenting our posts! Abbie and I enjoyed reading your opinions, like seriously we appreciate if you can continue giving us comments! 🙂
So without further adieu. I would like to rant about “Piggy Dolls”. I remember seeing them for like the first time and yet they did live up to their name. I got nothing against them seriously, the have like a unique style and powerful vocal. I like their great courage and whatnot. No lie, but they are good. I’m not much a fan to them but what shocked me is their new comeback. O_O They totally changed their image! From my perspective, they totally look like they’ve been losing weights. I mean that’s cool and all, now they are not living up to their image. :/ But still they are still powerful like they use to be. I’m glad! haha Again, I am not their fan but I had to make a rant here about them.  So enjoy!

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D


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