Are you all real?

Hey everyone today Yonghwa will greet you for this post ^^, recently KB and I made a fanpage on facebook just because we wanted to see if we had real people actually viewing our site! And if you ARE real, and you like this site can you please “like” us on facebook? because…. we receive little to no interactions on here, and it’s quite a downer. ): So, when we are done editing our facebook fanpage we will provide the link on our site. And I hope… if you have a facebook that you will like us! Because it would mean quite a lot. Also, if you are into wallpapers for your phone/computer/ipod, or icons and avatars I on my own will be making a facebook fanpage for that also. But to view them all I will start posting them on my personal blog site. I hope you all start to interact with us well in the future~ and, I love you! ❤

— Abbie


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