Everyone, mianhe~ I’ve been so busy lately! I’m one of the administrators for a fanpage on facebook, and I haven’t been able to update on this blog lately! Don’t think I forgot about you guys, cause I haven’t! I will find someway to make it up to you all I promise! But for now I’m busy trying to cramp everything in, and right now I have a TEEENY bit of free time. School starts in 2 weeks…. and hopefully things will start going back to normal after things get settled down. I hope you still continue to visit us. And it seems like not only our blog has been inactive but also a couple of other blogs we visit are also inactive! Which makes it really tough for us to update you all~ Again, sorry for the inconveincence. As for facebook here is teh fanpage that I’m an adminstrator of: Teen Top click to view. I hope that you will continue to love and support our blog! Because we love you~ Also, KB and I get to see each other tomorrow! kekeke~ Twice in one summer isn’t it amazing? Well, love you! And we will be back REAL soon. I promise.

~ Much love to you

— Abbie


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