Mir is scared of his noona, Go Eun Ah?


Well this didn’t surprise me, because after that kiss on the lips from his sister of course he’d be scared of her. It looks like he can’t disobey his noona’s command. No wonder he chose Cheon Dung’s noona, Sandara Park over his. 😆  Mir may be one interesting child but I’m glad he is one of a kind where no one is like him. lol ❤

Many of you know that MBLAQ’s Mir is quite the offbeat little child but when it comes to his older sister Go Eun Ah, he sure doesn’t fool around!

On the upcoming episode of MBC Everyone’s Infinity Girls Season 2, MBLAQ made a special guest appearance for the show’s Idol Special episode. On this particular episode, the Infinity Girls prepared a parody of MBC’s Come to Play talk show, bringing a new concept to their own show.

During the show, however, Mir shared an interesting fact about himself. He said, “Since I was young, I’ve always had the mindset to listen to my older sister…It’s hard to defy my sister because she is the bullying type.”

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D



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