Taemin’s 17th Birthday!

TaeminHey there everyone! Sorry for the late post, the reason why we haven’t been on because we’ve been really busy with our lives. So we missed Taemin’s Birthday yesterday, so I decided to help Abbie out with her man’s celebration. I’m just gonna post this for now until Abbie gets on here and write about her man. lol I don’t know much about Taemin except for the face he’s the youngest memeber of SHINee! Here is a pic of him with his funky glasses. haha Well I’m just gonna leave it to Abbie writing about her man when she gets on! 😉

Here is what Taemin wrote on the SHINee offical site:

Hello. I am SHINee’s youngest Taemin~!!^^ Everyone! A dream-like birthday has passed. Honestly, when I was a trainee, I didn’t really take care of my birthday, but I am so thankful for the fans who always take care of it. I’m always moved by your love… Please look forward to our upcoming comeback and beginning on July 23rd, please come out to meet us!

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D



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