Mir being an Anti-fan of Lee Joon

g.o lee joon mir

Hey everyone it’s Kay-Bee! Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much because I had soo many things to catch up on. So now here is my chance to blog a whole bunch of things of updates I found these past few days. They may be old but they are funny memorable news! *sigh* I miss Abbiedear even though it’s been 5 days since she’s gone on vacation. So I was to be put in charge of updating. Anyways as the side note, I’ll start that now! 😀 😆

Kay I came across of finding updates today and I found this and started laughing. This is about Mir giving out Lee Joon’s past stories and it seems to me that Mir is soo jealous of Lee Joon. Poor baby! I know how Mir feels about Lee Joon. It’s just like me and Abbie. 😆 Also it’s ironic that my man is Mir and Lee Joon is her man. These two are soo like brothers, just like the hair style and also their always together no matter what. G.O in here looks like the father since he has to keep them from fighting. haha just kidding! I love seeing MBLAQ they are just too adorkable! XD What’s funny is that Lee Joon did not rip his pants finally when doing the splits while sitting on his desk. lmao 😆 Soo hilarious!

In response to MC Ji Suk Jin’s question of ‘who is the current trending member from MBLAQ’, Mir responded, “At first, G.O and I were really popular. But one day, after Lee Joon took off his shirt on stage, ripped his pants, and filmed CFs by himself, his popularity skyrocked”

Also, in response to the rumors about him spying on Lee Joon, Mir responded, “When you surf on the internet, there are netizens with weird screen names who reveal Lee Joon’s past. I am one of them. Once you come across one, more truth gets revealed. There are a lot of things that fans don’t know about.”

One of the past truths about Lee Joon that Mir revealed on this episode of Star Golden Bell was of Lee Joon appearing as a dancing employee in a beverage CF. Lee Joon then humorously and bravely shared, “My first production was a home shopping advertisement where I appeared with a weird hairstyle and ate kimchi that Kim Soo Mi teacher ripped for me.”

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D



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