Karaoke Party with the little Brothers

Victoria and NickhunOkay I may be torturing myself by watching this. Why? Because Nickhun is my guy from 2PM and he got married to Victoria of f(x). (-_-) I seriously can’t keep my eyes off of Nichkhun and it’s soo hard to not watch it! 😦 I really don’ t like the idea of putting them together as a couple just because they are foreign idols. Even though Nichkhun says Victoria is his ideal girl, I will respect that. *sigh* I guess I’ll keep watching furthur because it’s interesting to watch and so yea. So far this is my favorite episode because the little brothers came to visit their married hyung and their new sister in law. Wooyoung is such a dork! No wonder I love him before Nickhun he is such a little kid. XD Junho is even more worse, but that’s because he’s Abbie’s man. 😆 Seeing these guys at the karaoke room takes me back to watching Wild Bunny again. I miss 2PM wildness! haha What cracked me up is when they perform Nu ABO by f(x) and freakin Junho was like in his own world singing the “Unnie!” part. lol Still can’t stop laughing and so Nickhun did his wife part of the dance, the “high kick” dance and was like floppy about it. 😆 So yea here is the episode and enjoy guys! 🙂

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D

CREDITS: t2ssubs– Youtube


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