Happy 16th Birthday Shin Dongho!

Today, an extremely late, last minute post (6.29). Is Dongho’s birthday! My baby from U-KISS! He’s turning 16, and I’m 15. hahahah, This is why he’s my main. Because I can actually marry him! Legally wise. LOL, I don’t know if I will ever meet him. But, if I do I’d probably die. Just a little bit. I made a special banner just for this purpose. LOL, enjoy it. He’ s so cute. ^^

Well, honey I just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! And I hope you get everything your wanted! Hopefully The members are treating you nice. (probably not because your the Maknae. lol) And just so you know, I luhb jew velly velly much! ❤ I’m not much of a touchy person. LOL, so check out the videos? Love you Dongho, Seung Il Cheuka Hamnida.

Dongho and the other U-KISS memeber were in Malaysia for the time being, so he got sang to in their language, and in Korean. haha. He’s so cute. & I want some of that cake. :/

Happy Birthday Video from one of the fans. I Liked this song the best. LOL, even though it gets annoying and repetittive. But oh well. The pictures of him in here are cute. 😀


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