SHINee’s Photo Spam.

Here are some recent pictures of SHINee from their “notebook” Photo Shoot! Check them out! You won’t be disappointed! I know I’m not. 🙂 SHINee is back, and looking better than ever! Well, the always looked good. But their hair didn’t. I’m quite pour of their hair dressers. 😀 Enjoy ~~

Ahhh, Haven’t done a photospam in so long!! The last one I did was the one of MBLAQ? I think, lol, well it’s SHINee’s turn!! Since my current fan girl obsession is SHINBLAQ. 😉 hahah, well here it goes.

The caption says “Enthusiastic Attitude Jonghyun” lol, he looks as cute as ever! I’m glad he got rid of his Blonde and blonder hair from “ring ding dong”. I like his hair. Even though I prefer it black. LOL, Recently I’ve been into this guy who looks so much like Jonghyun it’s not even funny. LOL! he has such a long face! (like me) And I always like piercings on guys. (: I think it gives them a “b.a” image. ahahha. Even though we all know of his sweetness. 🙂 I at least like to have the feeling that he has a bad side. AHAHAH, that’s just me. I think blue is a good color on Jonghyun. But then.. he looks good in anything he wears. LOL, Not to sound like a creeper or anything. But yeaps. That’s what it is!

AWHHHHHHHH, JONGHYUNIEEE! THIS IS SO CUTE! :3 I love his eyes in here! They look so innocent and intoxicating! :3 It looks the like the bacground color changed in this one. I like it, it makes his skin kind of …. glow? LOL I also like his hair, it’s a bit messier than in the first picture. and that’s fine with me. 🙂 He’s wearing a different shirt too. It looks like he’s about to go play golf or something. lol But I like the other one better. LOL if he combined what he had in the pictures we would have the perfect picture of Jonghyun!

But then again. Every Jonghyun picture is perfect. 😉 Sometimes. LOL He should smile. I think he has a pretty smile. But his little smirks are cute too. ahhhhh, he’s so adorable. If he was just a little younger so then I could actually have a chance! LOL, but for now, I’ll just look at all his pictures all over again. 🙂 It doesn’t sound too bad for me.  ❤ Jonghyunnn, you are too cute, no wonder why your my husband number 2. LOLL, just kidding. …. but seriously. XD XD Luh U.

Awww, the maknae baby. My Taeminiee. He’s so adorable. He doesn’t even have to try! I like his hair, everything about it. LOL the haircut itself, the color, the way he’s stroaking it. 🙂 The caption is a bit fuzzy, but it says something like “nice possibility Taemin SHINee” lol, whatever that means? Where are they getting these? I know it’s not their stage names. LOL. Oh well.

Now, looking at the full body photo. It looks like SHINee’s fashion sense is still there! I’m so jealous of their clothes. I love their style, love their smile I wish they could be only mine. be only mine. 🙂 LOL, but seriously Thats also why I love them. I wish guys here knew how to dress. -___________-” Looking at these photoshoot pictures. It makes me love them even more.

More of taemin. This time he’s taking a different pose, by not looking directly at the camera. But he’s wearing the same clothes? I wonder why Jonghyun didn’t do a shoot like this.. Or maybe he did. And I just couldn’t find it? LOL. Or… people didn’t upload his. -_______________-” way to be selfish people!

And if your wondering why I’m uploading in this order, it;s because I decided I would do my mans first. LOL. 🙂 I hope you don’t mind. I’ll make KB talk about Minho, because I feel strange looking at his pictures and trying to say stuff about it. LOL, so check in again to read Minho’s photospam by KB.

KEY! baby, it looks like he’s grown up. Despite how strange he can be on variety shows. His pictures never seek to amaze me. I loveeeeeeee his hair! It’s 100,000,000,000, times better than his Rainbow hair. LOL. I know he’s wearing eyeliner. But it looks good on him. He’s wearing purple… my favorite color. His caption says something like “persistently striving key”. lol Does that mean he never gives up? Jonghyun is cute, Taemin is adorable …. and Key… is all the above. 😉 Sorry, Jonghyun, your still my husband. LOL.

While Hello Baby Aired, Jonghyun was my favorite. But it looks like Jonghyun and Taemin need to step up their game, because Key is quickly taking my heart away. 🙂

ouuuuuu, Do i see me some winking? Don’t get too hyped girls, it’s at me! LOL , just kidding. Key is seriously probably one of the cutest looking guys I have seen. And that’s saying alot, because I’ve seen alot of cute guys. He’s stupid and goofy and you can tell from this picture. LOL. I think Joonie is going to have to step up his game too. Because Key is quickly climbing the latter to my Number 1. He has such a nice figure too. Wow, i sound like a creeper. LOL, he’s not too skinny and not too big. But perfect. Taemin is too skinny. LOL But I still love him.

Keyyyy!! Why are you so cute?! It’s hardly fair. 😉

Awhhh, Onew! He has such a pretty smile! He is really a great leader! Look at his eyes! Their so chinky! But that’s okay their very attractive! It’s a good thing his hair always looks the same. Or somewhat the same. It has the same shape. lol. Again, with the amazing fashion statement from SHINee. I can’t really say much about him. Because Virgenie would kill me about “checking out” her man. As I would say.

ONEW! Take good care of SHINee, make sure they are behaving well! Especially Key. That boy, you never really know. LOL So this is the only picture I found of Onew, Sorry! If i find more, I will post them up for sure! But for now, enjoy this one picture. And it’s not bad. Pretty much a typical picture of Onew. lol

Next, is MINHO! Take it away KB. 🙂

Yo! This here be my baby Choi Minho! 😉  I’m soo dazed from looking at his new pictures. I’m soo glad he didn’t curl his hair or whatsoever! At first I didn’t appreciate his wavy long hair from “Ring Ding Dong” But he looks soo ADORABLE here! It makes me want to eat him up! (Non creepy moment here) haha I seriously love him more just by looking at his smile it’s always this charming! ❤ Minho-shi I seriously love you soo much that there isn’t even a word for me to describe your aegyo!  Minho is just like my prince charming, he maybe retarded in Hello Baby but he is very talkative and he’s not shy or awkward like he use to be in the past. I just love his innocent look it’s soo charming! People say Minho looks better with long hair or short hair, but I think he looks good with both hair style, just as long he does not dye it in a weird color. 😀 I just love Minho’s eyes in this one!

Next is this pic! Oh how CUTE CAN HE BE?! Geezus tits Minho! Just how many times are you gonna keep stealing my heart, your smile just makes me melt! 😆 Please continue to be a great role model for your son, Yoogeun dearie! ❤ lol I never hated Minho when he first came out in SHINee, I just always watched him from the screen and always thought how adorable he is, but I didn’t know he had plastic surgery on his nose. People thought it’s sick for guys to have plastic surgery on their face. Well whether they had plastic surgery or not I still love them! Because what counts to me is their personalities and smiles. Beside I didn’t even care because Minho will be Minho. I love his caring and neatness out of the group. No matter how retarded he is, I will always love my Minho! Lol Minho is my number 1 Ideal guy, he has everything that other people don’t have, he’s very competitive like me, and he is caring for children, can cook for his hyungs no matter what! ;D Minho  YOU ARE MY SHINee BOY! 😉 Hope to see SHINee’s new mv next week! That’s about it guys! -Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D


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