2PM’s Concert?

Jo Kwon of  2AM recently tweeted a photo of 2PM’s concert poster. And looking at the information that I can make out this concert was yesterday at 2PM. LOL, how ironic? And what an extremely sexy time to host a concert. XD

Since I’m not Korean, I have no idea what anything else says. So… yeah. my bad. LOL. I think it’s a pretty much good photo. Except for the fact that Nichkhun’s hair looks a bit…. no very strange. and Junsu has a random rip in his shirt. AND WHERE IS JAEBUM?! I know he’s not in 2PM anymore. But my heart still says that he is. And I’m going to keep feeling that. :/

Anyway can’t wait for hype nation!!  And i should be talking to KB right now, but I decided I would finish with this blog post at least. LOL, and I still need to finish watching making the artist. I believe episode 5 came out in english subs? I’m not completely sure. So I’ll be back with you in a little bit! And, I need to get my permit renewed. -______-” But the DMV place is like… closed? wtf. Yeah, well thats the updates for now. OH! And, KB finally got texting! LOL, well I’m happy about that. And I will talk to you all soon! For instant updates. Follow us on twitter! Bye for now.

Much Love,

– Abbie.


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