Current Obsessions – Update.

Hey, hey, HEY, hey. (its from fat albert…. check it out. :D) Anyway, since we have been lacking in our blogging, and our blog views are increasing, we might as well give a little prize by blogging! hahha, that’s not really a surprise. We should be doing that anyway. LOL.  Anyway I know it’s kind of late. But just recently (adding to our shinee & mblaq SHINBLAQ<3 obsession) KB and I have grown new lovings for SS501 (Triple S) & ZE:A. Even thought they are kind of old. We finally have a HUGE interest in them. (I always had an interest, But since I introduce them to KB, I grew founder.) KB and I are still trying to match names with faces. Though I know My guys’s faces and names and I know kb’s guys faces. But other than that. We’re working on it. Also, I’m going on vacation this Saturday to N.Y.O.B , lol jk, I’ma be in Salina and Iowa. Hopefully I will have interent connection. But if not, kb will update you. And she’s also gonna get texting! Maybe. LOL, well thats it for now. And look forward to our new posts!

Much love,

Abbie N. P.


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