“–” Lack of anything better to title thiss.

Well, for some clarification on our blogging schedule. (as in, when we usually blog) LOL, at the moment we are busy watching MBLAQ’s Idol army. And with that our blogging has been slowing down lately. But don’t worry. Because once we finish we blog MAJOR. lol, usually if we don’t blog for a couple days we are busy doing something. But, right after we finish. There’s almost a non stop blogging, until we find some other thing that we want to write a review over. XD But, if you really want to stay in contact, with KB or myself. Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Formspring. The links will be provided. And we promise as soon as we finish watching MBLAQ’s Idol army. We will be blogging more frequently. Sorry for all the confusion. And, our special celebration for our “1,000 blog hit” will be coming soon also! KB is working on it now! ^^ Thanks so much. And we should be done with Idol army in a few days. We’re on episode 12 or 13 out of 16. If you guys have seen it then, tell us what you think! Becuase KB and I have fallen in love with MBLAQ all over again. LOL. Thanks for reading!

Abbie’s Twitter

Abbie’s Formspring

Kaybee’s Twitter

Kaybee’s Formspring

These are the absolute best ways to contact us! So follow us, to recieve instant updates!


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