SHINee & Big Bang Comebacks!

There’s a rumor going around the the Kpop idols SHINee are coming back sometime in June. Their schedule was recently posted by shiningshineeworld and translated by them, and it shows that SHINee’s ablum is coming out July 12! Let’s all anticipate this together! ^^ I’m just glad that Jonghyun and Key, and Taemin are going to look normal for this album, hehehe.

6/23~25 자켓촬영 및 뮤비촬영 (예정)
7/6 티져 공개 (예정)
저작권협회 등록 (예정)
7/8 음원 공개 (예정)
7/9 뮤직비디오 공개 (예정)
뮤직뱅크 첫방송(미정)
7/10 쇼음악중심 첫방송(미정)
7/12 앨범 발매 (예정)

6/23-25 album jacket shooting and MV filming(scheduled)
7/6 Release of teasers (scheduled)
Copyright Association Registration (scheduled)
7/8 Song release (scheduled)
7/9 Music video release (scheduled)
Music Bank Comeback (Tentative)
7/10 Music Core Comeback (Tentative)
7/12 Album Release (scheduled)

Big Bang is rumored to be coming back sometime in August, while Taeyang and TOP are releasing solo albums!

Taeyang’s title track along with the music video will be release July 1st, so look forward to that!

Via the main YG website, a long press release regarding Taeyang’s first full length SOLAR album was released. To sum it up in a nutshell, Taeyang’s album will be dropping on July 1st and from June 25th to June 30th, a one minute sample of a new track will be released.

Taeyang will be releasing a normal album and then a limited Deluxe Edition, which will be comprised of 11 new original tracks and also Prayer and Only Look At Me from his first mini-album along with a bonus track, totaling up the tracklist at a whopping thirteen.

First off, a promotional poster and music video teaser was released out of the blue regarding T.O.P’s solo single Turn It Up. Many fans were surprised and busy pissing their undies after watching this 27 second trailer. We thought that was it but YG is the gift that just keeps on giving.

I’m excited! ❤


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