Chat w/ us?

Hey guys! Abbie here. ^^ And today, I’m going to talk about a couple things…. first of all, check out our new meebo widget! That’s there for you guys to chat with us, or chat amongst the other people that visit our site! Feel free to ask questions on that, and we would love to chat with you all as well! KB & I share a username… lol which is “_kaybabie” so, if you see that we are online! Don’t be afraid to talk to us! We don’t bite hard. (: Also, please do ask us questions!! Because, once we hit our 1,000 view for our blog site. KB and I are going to make a video saying hi to you guys, and hopefully answering some of your questions. It can be questions about anything. What’s our favorite song, how much we eat, where do we like to hang out… etc, etc… So, have fun with that, and we will write down all your questions and answer them! hahaha! & Look forward to our upcoming posts! ^^

~ Thanks (:


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