Sapai Jao Sua Episodes 3 & 4

Well, as I promised as of earlier today, here are episodes 3 AND 4 of Sapai Jao Sua, and let me ask you guys. Do you prefer watching it on this site? Or youtube? hmm, maybe youtube is better, because of less commotion, but then you have the comments as spoilers. But then again, it would be easier just to watch from here, because all the episodes are all in order? I don’t know. lol, you guys leave a comment saying which you like best. I’m going to try something new and just have all the episodes in this. So, yeah. hahha. I haven’t got to watching this yet. Iuno if I’m even going to watch it, with my hectic drama schedule. ahhhh >.< But there may be a review on it… I’m not making any promises, if you would like a review, I’m sure I can force KB to write one. hehehhe, well, enjoy. Here are the episodes and Happy Watchings!

Episode 3 Part 1/7

Episode 3 Part 2/7

Episode 3 Part 3/7

Episode 3 Part 4/7

Episode 3 Part 5/7

Episode 3 Part 6/7

Episode 3 Part 7/7 (FINAL IN Ep. 3)

Now, episode four, I’m just going to give you the links to give you a different feel of which you like better. XD So, remember just leave a comment on which method you like better, and I will do it that way from now on.

Episdoe 4 Part 1/8

Episode 4 Part 2/8

Episode 4 Part 3/8

Episode 4 Part 4/8

Episode 4 Part 5/8

Episode 4 Part 6/8

Episode 4 Part 7/8

Episode 4 Part 8/8 (FINAL IN Ep. 4)

Note: if there are no comments regarding which method is best liked, I will continue doing it like Episode 4, because it’s alot easier on  me… XD But if someone says the like 3 best, then I will do it like that. It’s up to you guys! This is just a heads up. XD


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