Abbie’s Update. ^^

Hey guys. Well, it’s KB’s last week of school! So she’s not going to be blogging till this weekend probably. XD But anyway, let me upadate you on what is happening, and what’s coming up! Ahhh, I’ve been so busy with house chores today! Sorry, I couldn’t post up Sapai Jao Sua’s episode 3! But to make it up to you all, I’ll post 3 and 4 up for you tomorrow! ^^ Also, KB and I are very much in LOVE with the clue collector so far! The tawianese drama with Gui Gui & Arron Yan. hehehe, they are a cute couple…. but Wangzi and Gui Gui are waaay sexier. X) Anyway, it’s getting really intense! And the next episode is going to be even better…. because Gui Gui is going to be in some sort of danger which means…. 007 is gonna have to save her!!! & it looks like some romantic parts are coming as well! AND it’s only episode 4! YESSS!!!! I’m so happy! XD Also, since KB is out and about with her college classes, I’m watching a drama on my own free time as well, called Mmories of Bali, just finished episode one today. I had the drama since last month. My aunt lent it to me…. hahah, but i’ve been to lazy to watch it! XD And, so far I really love it! I think I’m going to have to re-watch this one with KB. hehehe. It’s about some sort of love triangle. Can’t really say much, because I only just saw Episode one. But look forward to two reviews; Memories of Bali & The Clue Collector. Also, look forward to Sapai Jao Sua’s episodes as well. Hopefully, I won’t be as busy tomorrow…. or should I say today than I was yesterday. hahaha. well Have a nice night everyone. I’m going to hit the sack! Sweet Dreams!


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