Our Goal.

Yay! We have about 800 blog stats now! That means about 800 different people has viewed our site so far! Thank you all so much for reading! hehehe. KB & I has set a goal for ourselves, we are trying to get at least 1,000 views before the summer ends! And it looks like we are getting closer to it! YAYYY! hehe. ^^ I’m entirely happy! Thanks everyone for checking in on us from time to time! And I hope you enjoy our future blog posts! Also, my MBLAQ poster came in the other day. and, here are some photos from their album. Their not in great quality because my scanner isn’t working -____-, but I hope you can still get the gist of it. XD  Anyway, here are the photos from my very ghetto camera. XD

And, their special thanks. If anyone can translate this… please do. I’ve been dying to know what they all said. XD I’ve been looking everywhere on the internet, and somehow, I can’t seem to find it. XD

And, my lovely poster ❤ Thank you Auntie, for such a lovely birthday gift! ^^


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