The Clue Collector (Pi Li MIT)

mmkay, KB and I our next drama is another Taiwanese drama. XD Can’t get away from them!! AHHH, hahaha. and it’s called “The Clue Collector” a detective drama! 😀 (Me and KB absolutely LOVEEE these kinds of dramas) It was my job to find it, because this damn shit KB used her college class for an excuse of her lazyness. -_- It’s a good thing I’m pro at finding everything! 😀 Watch it with us? hahahah, here it is nn mysoju with the description as well! Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit is a freaking hottie. hahahhaha. (: We are just watching this for Gui Gui, and him, and because it’s a detective drama…. 😀 lolll, I have a great feeling me and KB are going to have another drama added to our favorite dramas list. XD Happy Watchings!


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