So I was watching the MTV Movie awards… and I LITERALLY was screaming to the TOP of my lungs. RAIN WON BIGGEST BAD-ASS STAR! I’m SOOOO happy!!! OMG, You have no idea. As soon as I found out he won, I called KB, and we were watching it suspensfully together! And when he won, I cried. :’) I love him, and as soon as he did his extremely short accpetance speech I ran upstairs and told my mom and my brother. Somehow, I’m the only one that’s excited about it. -_- But I’m so extremely happy, I don’t even know what to say! AHHH, his english is soo good too! AHHH, I can’t even have words to describe how extremely excited I am. Well, looks like the MTV Award for Best male Performance is going to Robert Pattinson. hahha, oh god. -_-, Well, I’m going to get back to my MTV Awards! I hope you guys are as happy as I am! And I’m so glad you guys voted for Rain! Cause I known I voted for him, for the longest time! Each day. HAHAHHAHAHAHA, I would spend hours voting for him. XD Ahhh, and this post makes no sense, because I’m not even thinking about what I write. I’m just typing as it comes to mind. hahahha. well, this post is done! So, bye! :))))))))))

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