My Favorite Couple <3

As, you all know Kb and i finished Brown Sugar Macchiato, and we are going into watching a drama with Gui Gui and Aaron Yan. hahah, it’s a detective drama… how do these things always come to find us? XD Somehow, I still can’t stay away from Gui Gui and Wang Zi. Even though Aaron is quite handsome. But I just can’t see Gui Gui with anyone other than Wangzi. They are too perfect for each other! As I was trying to look for Aaron and Gui Gui’s drama, I came across this video. XD And now, I want to find the full episode of this. LOLOLOLOLOLOL, Gui Gui & Wang Zi forever ❤

HAHAHHAHA! VICTORY! I found the episodes! >:D

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 (final)

Now, here are the original videos for the first video. XD  have I got you addicted to Gui Gui and Wang Zi yet? teehee. (:


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