GOTH : Love of Death J-Movie Review

Well, to start off, it was pretty scary. Or at least I thought it was. I didn’t watch half the thing because I’m afraid of dead bodies. And right when the climax came… freaking KB left me to watch it by myself. Because she had to take out her contacts…. -_- This movie was really confusing, and it made no sense. From start to finish. I think that the directors were such in a hurry to get it done. Or maybe they were trying to keep the time limit short. Because it was only an hour and 30 minute movie. In my opinion. It could have been a lot better if more time was put into making it. I didn’t even know why I was watching this at first. And then I saw Kanata Hongo. And all my problems were solved. He’s such a cutie in this movie. KB and I got to see his dark side for once! And, I didn’t like it. I like his baby innocent side better. This is just some scary ass weird shit, especially that chick he’s always with! wtf. She’s hella creepy, every time she showed up i though she was a ghost. I literally almost peed myself whenever she came up. She appears in the freaking weirdest ways! But, if your going to watch the movie at all, go ahead and watch for Kanata, because… he is lookin fionee in this movie! C: Otherwise, I don’t really suggest it. But who knows, maybe your interested in scary movies… I for one… am not. XD Thanks for reading!


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