What Now?

Well, since Kb and I have finished watching Brown Sugar Macchaito ❤ . heheh, it’s time for us to stop blogging.

HAHAHAH, just kidding. But, we are going to be watching a new movie. It’s not a drama, so it’ s not as long! And we will still have time to blog. Considering it’ll only take us about a day to watch this movie. Anyway, the move is a Japanese Movie called Goth: Love of Death. And, KB and I have been wanting to watch this for the longest time, mostly because we want to see one of our old loves Kanata Hongo<3! You have no idea, it took us all night last night to find it! And, if you have been wanting to watch it… look no furhter! Because, I (Abbie) single handedly found it! HAHAHAHHA, thats right.  I know I’m awesome! Well, here is the synopsis, and link of the movie, and also the trailer. Happy watching’s!

Fans of atmospheric Japanese murder and mystery should look no further than the upcoming release of Goth: Love of death. A live-action adaptation of the award-winning novel by popular Japanese author Otsuichi (Zoo), Goth is directed by Gen Takahashi (Confessions Of A Dog) and stars Rin Takanashi (Samurai Squadron Shinkenger) and Kanata Hongo (The Prince Of Tennis) in a disturbing tale of two teenagers with an unhealthy appetite for the macabre. The original source novel has already been adapted into a Manga by artist Kendi Oiwa and an American movie adaptation (interestingly, not a remake of Takahashi’s film) is reportedly in the pipeline for 2011. Goth is release on UK R2 DVD, September 21st.

Synopsis: A serial killer is on the loose in the suburbs of Tokyo, one who preys on identical looking young women and identifies his grisly work by removing the left hand of his victim before leaving the mutilated corpse artfully posed in a location where it can be easily stumbled upon by a member of the public. When two high school kids, Kamiyama and beautiful loner Morino, fatefully meet at the scene of the killer’s latest crime they are drawn together by their mutual morbid fascination with human cruelty and murder and begin a tentative friendship based on their bizarre interests. One afternoon, Morino finds a lost notebook in the café where she and Kamiyama have begun to meet. In it are very specific details of all the recent murders Believing the book to be the killer’s journal, they follow the notes and find themselves at the murder site of one of the unfound victims. Rather than report their discovery and hand over the notes to the police, they agree to keep the journal and track down the corpses for themselves simply to satisfy their own ghoulish curiosity. Morino decides to take things a step further by adopting the appearance of the previous victims in the hope of drawing the killer into the open. It is a game proves to be a very dangerous, and one that threatens to reveal to Kamiyama her deepest and darkest secrets.

The Trailers

Watch the Movie here: Click


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