A Day of SHINee Special!

Konnichiwa minna san, Kay-Bee desu! 😀 Today I was looking through my SHINeeyoutube subscription and I found these! Oh how the joy of seeing SHINee once again even though it’s an old video but it was uploaded today which was shown on April the 12th of 2010. In the first part of this video, I DIED when Minho was rapping! No wonder I love him soo much! If Abbie saw her man, she would die of his singing, cuz Jonghyun is a great singer. Watching this makes me miss them more and I want to see their comeback!! I hope they are doing well and come back with a great song for all the fans out there! >.< It’s funny how we are totally obsess with SHINee, the reason why Abbie and I love them is because of their innocents and great personalities. Minho use to be the most quiet guy and look at him now! I love his competitive and athletic side, it’s the most turn on. haha 😆 Also I would really love it if he changed his hair style but I’m okay with his current style as long he doesn’t dye it in weird color so yea, that’s about it folks! I hope you enjoy the videos I’m gonna post below!

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D

CREDITS: sfineee – Youtube


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