New Thai Pop Songs!

Looks like there has been a major flood of comebacks in Thailand! Everyone is realeasing music videos so fast!! AHH, I can hardly keep up with all these updates! But for you, I can. (: hehehe, who says that Thai people aren’t as good as Korean and Japanese music? I think they are all different, of course. But I sure do love them the same! And I hope you are not biased about which type of language you love most. It is a great thing to try different cultures! You never know what you may find! ^^ Please, enjoy the videos, and yes download links are included. Just click on the song! And I’d like to thank everyone for our increase in blog stats lateley! It really does make KB and I happy! We are screaming over it all the time. “AHHHHH, ABBIE! OUR BLOG STATS WENT UP!” This, was just not too long ago actually! Thanks everyone! ^^ And if you like the blog, or have a strong opinion, feel free to drop in a comment! We love you! ❤

Fiona – Celebrity Ft. Fuclking Hero

Bie <33 – Pleur  Ruk Mod Jai

– From his OST, I love this lakorn! When I find the youtube for it, I will be sure to share with you!! Right now, I’m just watching it with my grandma on her satellite. XD

Sweet Mullet – Hua Jai Tee Hai Pai

Silly Fools – Tum Raai

AFU – Jealous (Male Version) ||FFK (Faye Fang Kaew) – Jealous (Female Version)

Beauty G – เครซี่เกิร์ล เครซี่เธอ

Well, that’s it on the Thai updates! I hope you enjoy the songs! If you don’t, then don’t blame me, I didn’t sing them or write them! I just shared them with you! (: Well, anyway! I provided the download links, but it’s still nice to support the artists by buying the albums at or (which is where i get all my stuff) bye bye!

— Abbie

CREDIT: Siamsquare @ youtube || AsianmusicvideoHD @ youtube || & asiaholictpop @ youtube


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