MTV Awards this Sunday! Let’s Vote!!

As a previous post from a while back indicates the MTV awards, and Rain being nominated… let’s all support him! Time’s running out! If you haven’t voted yet, then vote now! And if you have voted! VOTE AGAIN! I think it would really be great if he won! I want him to win! In fact, I usually don’t watch the MTV movie awards, but I’m going to watch this one! Rain’s role in “Ninja Assassin” was incredible. Of course his English wasn’t very good. But it was great compared to any other typical Korean who doesn’t know English, and it’s not his first language… But this is about the movie, the character he portrayed Rizu, I think he was perfect for it. He was very calm, and his action scenes were intense! So, I think he really deserves this award. (Biggest Bad-Ass Star)

To vote click the link below, that’s provided, and scroll down to “Biggest Bad – Ass Star” it should be in the the third column, on the left side! Let’s all support Rain! And we can prove that Asians can also have a career in America!

Rain oppa, FIGHTING! Even if you don’t win. I’m still proud of you! For being a Nominee!!!

Vote Here: 2010 MTV Award Nominees


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