MBLAQ Wins on M Countdown!

On M countdown earlier this week, MBLAQ performed their newest single “Y” along with many other groups such as SS501’s “Luv Ya”, and Wonder Girls’ “2 Different tears”. As a group who just debuted they’ve been doing great so far! Maybe it’s because they are Rain’s boys? Who knows. But for their comeback, they’ve been fighting to be on top. And it’s been a tough journey considering all the many great artists who have debuted last month! Finally all their hard work has payed off, and they had their first win on M Countdown!

I am so happy for them! They really deserve this! And it’s nice to see a different side of them all! Thunder is so cute! He looks just like his big sister! ^^ And Mir, crying! Of course he’s expected too! He’s the cute little maknae. XD Seungho took such a strong approach to give a nice long thank you to the fans. He truly is a great leader for MBLAQ!

There perofmance is no longer available due to copyright reasons. ): But… this performance is just as great!

Here, is their first win !!! ❤


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