I miss SHINee…. ):

So.. it’s been about 3 months or so since “Hello Baby” with Yooguen ended… ): I’m still very upset about it! I remember I never really gave SHINee a chance, and then KB introduced me to Hello Baby, and  now look at me. I’m a hopeless SHINee fan. I really have fallen in love with them. Especially with Jonghyun, it makes me sad because I feel like I’m letting down Joonie. X) hahaha, it’s pretty rediculous how much I love them. And I think, they are debuting next month, or maybe this month? All I know is that it’s postponed because freaking Onew fell, and knocked out his teeth, and their comeback is now postponed until Onew gets teeth. XD Oh, Onew, somehow I can totally see him doing that. And, I love Jonghyun, & Key, & Taemin. My SHINee boys. (:

Let’s Reminiscence on the Hello Baby days, with this Baby Book. Oh, and this song, and the video is a major tear jerker for me. ): SHINee! Saranghae! Also, on a totally different note. I think my baby sister Phynix has a crush on Yoogeun. HAHAHHAHA. When she see’s pictures of him she’s like “ABBIE, ABBIE! BABYY!” And, he’s a year older than her. I think they’d make a cute baby couple! ❤ hehe.Well, here’s the video!

Warning, it might just make you cry. :’)

& here is a picture of my baby sister, who absolutely LOVES, Yooguenie. XD XD XD Her & Yooguen can maybe do a little dance together! Because here is a video of her, and my little brother, who is 6 dancing to “Oh Yeah” by MBLAQ XD

Please excuse our extremely dirty house. And yes, I know I am a horrible camera person. -___- My cousin has already established this with me. And Jacob punched her in the face, which is why they suddenly stopped for no reason. hahaha, well enjoy it anyways! Thanks for reading! Sarnaghae! ❤


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