Hey! Say! JUMP & YUI at Music Station [6-4-2010]

Ohisashiburi desu ne! Sorry everyone that I didn’t blog much because I was really busy. (-_-) So anyways I don’t have class during the weekends and I don’t have to study too! YES! So now I’m going to start my daily new with Hey! Say Jump! and YUI, check it out! 😉

To start off with is,  Hey! Say! JUMP at Music Station performing their special live with the starting of the music is Hitomi no Screen, Ganbaretsugo, BEST, and the most awesome song ever….ULTRA MUSIC POWER! I love HSJ! It brings back mine and Abbiedear’s old memories again of why we love them soo much. Also it’s been a very long time since we have last heard them performing at the Music Station.I miss how retarded they are and at the end of their song, they did a silly pose. Of course Yama-chan would do that, pose like and idiot out of everyone in the group. Also have you notice Yuto is the only one with black hair? The rest dyed their hair like a lighter color instead of jet black hair, but oh well they all look good the way they are as long it’s not rainbow colors. *cough cough* Key… sorry I had to mention that Abbie 😆 So here are the pictures! 🙂

Also our favorite J-Rock chick is YUI! She performed her newest song which is called, “To Mother”. It’s a very lovely song about your mommy, always appreciate your mothers for giving birth to you no matter what, because they are the ones who have to bear the 9 months hell and giving you your life while they are in pain. So yes always love your mother no matter what! 😀

To watch:

[Music Station] Intro

[Hey! Say! JUMP] perform

[YUI] perform

Download Links for Hey! Say! JUMP! (in order of appearance)

Hitomi No Screen

Ganbaretsugo – Hey! Say! JUMP

Score – Hey! Say! Best

Ultra Music Power

Now, YUI’s song, “To Mother”

YUI – To Mother

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D

CREDITS: musiczukidayo, nisiyan41509, kh63g8 – Youtube


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