B2ST Sining MBLAQ’s “Y”

As you all know, I’m totally obsessed with MBLAQ. But when B2ST first debuted…. you should have seen me. XD I’m sure KB was tired of me constantly sending her the teasers to “Bad Girl”. But most of all, I absolutely love the idea of MBLAQ & B2ST (MBLEAST) My two favorite boy groups. hahaha, so when I saw this video, of course I downloaded it. So, I thought I’d share it with all of you! Though, you are all probably tired of me blogging about MBLAQ, sorry… I’ll try to find some more things to blog about besides them…. hehehe. ^^’ Well, anyway I’m done rambling. So here is the video! Enjoy.

Credit: absolutemblaqchannel @ youtube


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