New K-Pop Girl Group : SISTAR

If you’ve been following KPop news, you may have heard of an upcoming girl group called “Sistar”. They’ve been teasing a debut for sometime now and some speculate that their debut was put on hold because of a change in image. With Rain and Lee Hyori and the Wonder Girls all dominating the KPop scene with their big returns, it was probably wise for Sistar to wait to debut.

Their first single is called “Push Push” and I’ve got to say — it’s really cool! It’s got a catchy chorus and I have a feeling that it’ll be a hit. I’m not saying it’s going to win on Music Bank or anything like that, but I think this is a good song to debut with. Check it out –

Push Push

Here We Come

Oh Baby

Well… what do you think? I like them so far! ^^ They remind me of the Wonder girls a bit! But not really. I think they have their own kind of feel to their music! (:

Download links included. Just click on the song name!

CREDIT : airshipoverwater @ WordPress || SISTARWORLD @ Youtube


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