New Chinese Solo Artist : Weibird

Album: Weibird Debut Album
Release Date: 2010-06-11
「你 們不吝嗇的等待,讓我的音樂終於放晴」
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韋禮安 蟄伏3年 首張同名全創作專輯

韋禮安2008~2009 Live House精華紀錄心情明信片 10張一套

Taiwan singer-songwriter Weibird won first place in a TV talent show in 2007, but he didn’t rush for a quick launch to pop stardom. Instead, the guy opted to stay out of the limelight, concentrating on his studies while composing for other singers and performing in pubs. Still, he has garnered considerable popularity online thanks to his songwriting works. He tested water in March 2009 with an EP, after which he completed a mini-tour to packed houses throughout Taiwan. Now Weibird is going to graduate from college in June 2010, when he will also release his debut album. Even though he could be drafted for military service, the record company is ready to spend big on this promising new singer.

Preorder Version comes with a set of 10 Weibird postcards.

I really love this song. It’s nice and calm. I can add it to my “Slow Jam” playlist. 😀 I hope you all enjoy it!


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