MBLAQ : Making The Artist Comeback

Finally starting to update again! YAY! hehe. It’s been a while since I’ve been doing something on MBLAQ. But here it is! And sorry, I didn’t know about this until episode 3. XD XD So please, enjoy this. Though it is still kinda old news. Some of you may already know about this… sorry. XD But it’s still kind of new! I hope you enjoy it and keep supporting the boys! Also on the topic of MBLAQ. They totally conquered on M Countdown! I think they deserve it! ^^ Mblaq fighting! Without further ado… here are the episodes so far!

Episode 1 Part 1/2

Episode 1 Part 2/2

Episode 2 Part 1/2

Episode 2 Part 2/2

Episode 3 Part 1/3

Episode 3 Part 2/3

Episode 3 Part 3/3

The boys are as cute and as dorky as ever! XD I love them espicailly my Joonie, & half of Thunder. Kb, only has about one more week of her college class! So we will be updating alot more until then. Sorry, for such the long wait of nothing! I hope we can make it up to you all one day! Enjoy… ^^

CREDIT: absolutemblaqchannel @ youtube


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