Lakorn Update : Sapai Jao Sua

Title: สะใภ้เจ้าสัว Sapai Jaosua (Chinese Tycoon’s Daughter-in-Law)
Production Company: TV Scene and Picture Co,Ltd.
Broadcasting Channel: Channel 3
On Air: Start June 3, 2010
Time Slot: Monday-Friday 6.45 p.m.
Total Episodes:
Status: Ready to air
Official Page in Ch3 Website:
Watch Online:

Writer: Wattra
Script Writer: Patt
Director: Sittiwat Tappaen


Kiatkamol Lata (Tui) as Police Lieutenant Traiwit
Pornchita Na Songkra (Benz) as Fahsai
Wattana Gumtorntip (Gift) as Traitep
Supaksorn Chaimongkol (Kratae) as Ruengrin
Danai Jurajinda (Gig) as Traipoom
Panita Pattanahiran (Ning) as Wallapa
Setta Sirachaya (Toi) as Jaosua Tien
Naowarat Yooktanan (Jik) as Ah-Liu
Palangtam Glomtongsook (Art) as Traipob
Supanat Chalermchaijaroenkit (Aof AF2) as Mai
Poomwaree Yodkamol (Air) as Orn-nicha

and a lot more supporting roles


Tien, a Chinese-Thai business tycoon and his wife, Liu had four sons – Traipob, Traitep, Traipoom , and Traiwit. Tien had planned his sons’ lives from what they should study to whom they should be married to without caring about their willingness.

Traitep got married with Ruengrin and Traipoom got married with Wallapa, while Traipob who was very religious, chose to stay single. All of Tein’s three sons helped Tien in his textile business but Traiwit, the youngest son, didn’t want to be like his older brothers. He decided to become a policeman, and left his home to move to the North-Eastern part of Thailand.

There, he met Fahsai, the country girl who was a developer of her hometown. Traiwit didn’t reveal his identity at first, so Fahsai thought Traiwit was trying to trick people in her hometown and didn’t like him. Traiwit was transferred back to Bangkok, so he hired Fahsai to marry him and to help him fight against his father. He brought her back home to try to make his dad accept what he wanted to be.

Tien couldn’t accept Fahsai and tried every way to get her out of the house with the help of Ruengrin and Orn-nisha, the girl that Tien wanted to match up with Traiwit. Fahsai had to strive to win Tien’s heart, while she and Traiwit started to have real feelings for each other.

The OST.

Episode 1 Part 1/7

Episode 1 Part 2/7

Episode 1 Part 3/7

Episode 1 Part 4/7

Episode 1 Part 5/7

Episode 1 Part 6/7

Episode 1 Part 7/7

— No english subs at the moment. Of any broken links, or concerns. Please notify us!  Also, stay tuned for more episodes! We will post them up, as soon as their uploaded! ^^

CREDIT: RTN212 @ Youtube & @ Blogster


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