YAY, Something to blog about! ^^ Hello everyone! Today is the second day of June, which means our header, and our little avatar Icon will be changed to our current positions. Right now, our Avatar is a picture of a Brown Sugar Macchiato drink. Because that is the Tawainese drama we are currently trying to finish! And our banner! (Made by yours truly, I’m still a photoshop noob. XD So bear with me…) SHINee Ft. Yoogeun! I hope you enjoy it! ^^ And thank I’d like to thank our readers, who are still checking in on us! Thank you so much! We do appreciate you visiting us, though we haven’t been blogging for quite some time! We are truly very sorry!! Also, feel free to comment about anything! It doesn’t even have to be about the post! We’d love to hear from you guys, and meet you all! Also, if you have any tips for us, or any cool news. We’d love to hear it! Because so far….. we’re pretty bored. XD On another note… KB and I met for the first time in a LONG time last weekend. Here are the pictures from the Lao’s New Year in which we met! (:

Please excuse my bra. -_- As you can see, I look extremely horrible in this picture! I was dripping with sweat. And we were getting ready to leave. XD & Yes, I am taller than KB, though she is older than me! She’s also darker than me, and calls me a blackie! HHAHAHAHHA. We now have proof of who is the African now! That’s right… >:)

I look constipated or something…… -_- Can’t take pictures no more! Next time I see KB will be at her high school graduation. And I will be SURE to redeem myself. Because I look fat and gross in all these pictures. -_- FML

A Semi Descent one… (Only due to my photoshopping skills) Actually no. I look too Asian in this picture. XD XD XD Even though the pictures looked horrible. I still had a great time with my Best Frand Brada And Friend. And I will see her next year for her high school graduation! ^^

Do you have a “BFBAF” You haven’t seen in a while? leave us a comment about your situation! We’d love to share our experiences with you! Please don’t be shy. You don’t even have to have a word press account to comment! (:

Saranghae,  Abbie


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