Brown Sugar Macchiato (So Far)

Abbie’s Section –

As you all know. We have been very inactive the past week. Why? Well, because there is a lack of anything interesting for us to blog about. & Also, we have been trying to finish Brown Sugar Macchiato! So far We are on episode 8 of 18! But it feels like we have only just started! It took me a hella long time to figure out everyone’s names! And I still don’t know! I only know the guys! XD My favorites are, Wei Lian (William) & Xiao Jie. I haven’t watched the drama all weekend! And I miss it so much! ): I was so excited that KB & I Watched it last night! XD

I don’t want to give away too much… because I’d really much rather you all watch it! Trust me. It’s one of those dramas you’ll love. At first I was a bit worried. Because of all the strange effects. LOL, but after episode one. Things started kicking off great! Your really gonna have all your emotions tied up in this drama! Hmm, what else was I going to say? Again.. another romantic comedy! But hey… who said that was a bad thing? You get to fantasize, AND laugh. Hei Sei Hu Mei Mei sure is lucky to get to star in a drama with Lollipop (Bang Bang Tang) Anyway… I don’t want to spoil any of it for you. But I’m sure if you want to hear more of it. Read KB’s Section. Because she’s seen this twice, and she’s just re-watching with me. XD Also, for episodes, scroll down to KB’s part. Because… I don’t know how to work Veoh. XD (I recommend watching on veoh. Better Quality subs! ^.^)

Here’s the opening from the Drama. ^^;

Download The Soundtrack Here : 4shared

KB’s Section

Kay-Bee here! Well as you can see I’ve been totally busy with college classes, and so I was hoping to give you my summary of the episodes. Sorry to disappoint you all but I found the site to watch the video in somewhat good quality to make up for it. 😀 So enjoy!

Brown Sugar Macchiato [EPISODES]


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