Horikoshi Ranking (1-D)

We all have those student’s at our school who are known for something. Whether it’s grades, or a drama queen. Here are the top 5 students for …

The student who is best at selfcams

1. Nishiuchi Mariya

2. Nozomi Maeda

3. Kawashima Umika

4. Maeyama Mika

5. Ogawa Hayato

· The smartest student

1. Chinen Yuuri (note: his grades is perfect for all subjects, it’s confirmed that he gets the high score in Horikoshi between first year student, in other words, he is the smartest student for first year student in Horikoshi!)

2. Shida Mirai

3. Nozomi Maeda

4. Sakamoto Shougo

5. Nakajima Yuuto (note: he is a prefect in 1-D)

· The most gossipy student:

1. Nakajima Yuuto

2. Yamada Ryosuke

3. Shida Mirai

4. Chinen Yuuri

5. Ohgo Suzuka

· The most ignorant student:

1. Kawashima Umika

2. Ohgo Suzuka

3. Nishiuchi Mariya

4. Tanaka Asami

5. Hana Cindy Rachel

· The cutest student:

1. Chinen Yuuri

2. Yamada Ryosuke

3. Nozomi Maeda

4. Shida Mirai

5. Nishiuchi Mariya

· The student who most eat much lunch:

1. Yamada Ryosuke

2. Kamiki Ryunosuke

3. Irie Jingi

4. Chinen Yuuri

5. Nakajima Yuuto

· The fastest runner:

1. Yamada Ryosuke

2. Chinen Yuuri

3. Kamiki Ryunosuke

4. Nishiuchi Mariya

5. Hana Cindy Rachel

· The strongest student

1. Irie Jingi

2. Yamada Ryosuke

3. Sakamoto Shougo

4. Nakajima Yuuto

5. Chinen Yuuri

credits to : ( http://kenken18.livejournal.com/107447.html)


2 thoughts on “Horikoshi Ranking (1-D)

  1. i have a question! why is Kawashima umika, chinen Yuri, etc., to name a few part of this batch? I mean Shida mirai, yamada ryosuke, kamiki ryonusuke etc, are all 1 year older than those two but why are they in the same class? are they(chinen and umika) accelerated students? if so, why is Kawashima umika the #1 ignorant student in their class? im confused.

    PS: do you know what are their current rankings? thanks 🙂

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