MBLAQ’s Messages on “Y” Album

Even though so many great artists debuted this month. It was probably a struggle for MBLAQ to shine. Though I think they had great live performances anyway! Their vocals are so powerful, and they are able to out sing their fan’s chants well. And their singing and dancing is as phenomenal as ever! I do give them so many props for being able to sing, AND dance to their songs! They are, after all Rain’s boys. ^^ MBLAQ fighting. Now, messages to the fans from MBLAQ’s members.

P.S. Joonie looks really weird. -_-


– A nice and charismatic message. As you would expect from MBLAQ’s leader. ^^


– & I thought Mir was the weird one…. I remember why I loved him now. I can look past his mustache, though I really prefer it gone. I still love him. (:

Lee Joon

– All I do is watch the music video, BECAUSE YOUR IN IT! haha, your so silly honey. XD Freaking Joonie. What is up with your hair?! Although your muscles do look nice. (: ( I AM NOT CHECKING HIM OUT!….. (; )

Cheondung (Thunder)

– It has been hot lately!! -_- & I love you too Cheoniee. (: I also love your hair! hehehe. Fighting? ^^ He still seems so timid. Trust me he isn’t always like this. If you’ve seen some of their variety shows. XD


– So he does know how to act normal?! And here I thought it was impossible! LOL, just kidding. Somehow these messages touch me. Thank you boys for working so hard!

Saranghaee !

CREDITS: ambsubs @ youtube


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