MBLAQ on UFOtown

LOL, this is really old, as you can see. But I’m in the MBLAQ obsession stage right now. And, I’m just filling time, waiting for KB to get on, so I can start doing some real blogging. XD LOL, but man. They are so weird. Especially Mir and Thunder. HAHAH. Thunder, I swear looks so much like his sister. G.O is a creeper. LOL, and whoever is messaging Joonie….. -_- creepophile. XD I love how they are saying they only get 1 hour of sleep a day. X) MBLAQ, fighting !! ^^ Poor seungho. I would have loved to see some of your messages. :/ I feel so bad when they have such busy schedules. But hey. What can you do about it?

Visit UFOtown: here


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