Kay-Bee’s college class!

Konnichiwa minna san! Kay-Bee desu! I’m very sorry if I’m not online as much this week or in two weeks, it’s because I have summer class at the college. The only class I’m taking there is Government class, and the reason I’m taking this clastudyss over the summer because I do not want to take it at the High School for one year. So I rather get it done at the college for 3 weeks and so the benefit is getting college credits too. 🙂 The downside is that I’m wasting $192 for the class and also I spent $50 for the text book. Yes…..I really need a job! I’m planning on getting a job over this summer and after I finish my college class. I know, money is always a problem but what can you say…I’m almost there in the real world and it’s becoming such a pain in the butt! I need money and I need to work hard on my grades. Funny thing I was ranked number 46 until I took the Algebra II final and I got a C and my rank became a freakin 53 again!!! AHHHHHHH AMO!! Imma sooo work hard next year to get my freakin RANK UP!!!!!! 😡 I don’t know I feel really disappointed and I really hate math soo much that I never got an A in class except only first semester but when it comes to second semesters it’s becoming a real pain in the ass! Geezus! Yes, school can beceom very stressful but oh well! Things are changing what not so I’m gonna work my hardest until I succeed to become the best! 😀

So now I’ m gonna get to studying for my next test!

Kay-Bee Deshita! ;D


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